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Liquid Ceramic International, Inc. announces FREE TINTING on any 5-gallon pail order/orders.

You no longer need to “order by the base,” simply tell us what color you want your product tinted to and we’ll choose the correct base, tint it, and ship it directly to your job site.

Remember what we said on our home page?
Changing the way people think about paint.

Even though paint is a liquid, subtract the water from paint and you’ll find that all paints generally sell for about the same amount of money.

Paints that are 70% water will cost you about $30 a gallon (100%-70%=$30)
Paints that are 60% water will cost you about $40 a gallon (100%-60%=$40)

Still in Doubt?

If you don’t believe this, look at the TDB’s (technical data bulletins) for any paint product on the market. Since paints are made up of solids and evaporants, look at the percent of solids in that product (by volume). If it says it’s 40% solids, such as a Sherwin-William’s Duration product, then it’s 60% water or other evaporants that won’t remain on your house.

We want to address this issue with you prior to you ordering Liquid Ceramic Exterior Wall Coating.
An understanding of this will help you understand our pricing.

Please consult with your local Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore paint store for color choices and what base they use for your choice(s). If you do not have either of those available, please contact us and we will assist you in determining the base.


5 Gallon Size – Untinted White

The Pastel base has the highest concentration of Titanium Dioxide which is the primary whitener in all light-colored paints.  This base is used primarily for whites and light pastel colors commonly used for the body or a house or building.


5 Gallon Size – Tinted to any color at No Additional Charge

Select the color you want and we match the correct base to your required color.

$396.00 for 1+

Need multiple colors?
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Z-Best Primer Sealer

Z Best Primer-Sealer is an ultra-premium high-performance, 100% styrene acrylic universal primer and sealer designed to provide superior hiding and sealing properties.

$139.00 for 1+
In stock

Liquid Ceramic: Pastel Base – 1 Pint Sample

This is an approximate one (1) pint sample of Liquid Ceramic Exterior Wall Coat – Pastel Base. It’s enough product to brush- or roll-on to various substrates to test its effectiveness. Smell it! You’ll get a clean, low VOC pleasant smell (but don’t over do it and keep it out of hands of children).

DETAILS OF FREE SAMPLE: You purchase the sample and pay the UPS Ground freight to your location. The $25 + your freight charge will be credited against your first 5-gallon order (only). Limit of one (1) $25 credit per 5-gallon pail purchased.

$25.00 for 1+
In stock

Miscellaneous Charges

$1.00 for 1+
In stock