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I called the spray-on-paint company after seeing their ad on TV and was told I couldn’t purchase their product because they told me I would not be able to apply it myself. I told them I was planning on hiring a professional painter. Why is it that I can apply Liquid Ceramic® or hire someone to do it for me?

Because we want you to have the best product on your house REGARDLESS of who applies it. Our business is selling the product, not applying it. The real reason they don’t do this is because they don’t have the opportunity to charge you $20,000.00 to paint your house with their “special” product, which really isn’t that special. If you thought buying a new car caused sticker shock, wait until their pressure salesman presents you with a super-discount-today-only SPECIAL that will have you crying all the way to the finance company. Call us before you sign anything! You’ll save thousands, and WE MEAN THOUSANDS, of dollars.