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What is Liquid Ceramic®?

What is Liquid Ceramic®?

We’re a coating, not a paint!

Outperforming Paint Since 1960

Ceramic technology was enhanced through NASA’s space program and used as heat-protective tiles on rockets and of course most recently, the space shuttle. This inspiration lead a Canadian coatings and paint manufacturer to the development of an exterior home coating that gave great protection from the severely cold temperatures, high wind and rain of the Pacific Northwest. Such testing in inclement weather proved it had superior bonding capabilities. Many homes and buildings in the Vancouver, British Columbia area have had this product on their exteriors for over 25 years. If this product is resistant in that climate, it’s resistant just about anywhere.

Lab tests indicate one thing: put this product on your home properly and you’ll know you’re not painting with paint. You’re painting with protection – high performance protection!

Liquid Ceramic® is a ceramic-based, permanent coating for your home or building. Think of paint as having two components: the solids, or the part that remain on your wall, and the evaporants, the part of the paint that floats away in the air when it dries. When you apply our Liquid Ceramic®, realize that 49%* of what you apply will stay on your wall. That’s because our product is 49%* solid particulate. Now, compare that to the 26-30% of the can of paint staying on the wall using the national, name brand products. This is a huge difference.

What you’re paying for is the part that stays on your wall, not the part that floats away. And unfortunately, those national brand paints hide their solids percentage on little-known technical data bulletins on their websites. This is the most important number to know when purchasing paint. Generally speaking, the greater the volume solids, the greater the dry film thickness, protection and longevity of the product.

Permanent? Really?
By “permanent”, we mean that you’ll probably never have to paint your house again. Webster’s American Dictionary defines “permanent” as “lasting or intended to last indefinitely or for a relatively long time.”

Many companies promise you’ll never paint again, but be aware of companies making OUTRAGEOUS CLAIMS about their product. If it’s too good to be true, it probably is, regardless of what the salesman will tell you. Nothing is “forever.” If the manufacturer tells you it is, ask to read “the small print.”

Liquid Ceramic® replaces “old fashioned paint” in that:

  • It’s NOT a paint — it’s a 100% acrylic based polymer that contains ceramic microspheres (hollow cenospheres that coat your home like a zillion insulated “thermos bottles”), ceramic strands and powders. It’s waterproof, yet it has the highest known breathability rate in the industry.
  • It provides three times the thermal flow reduction, as measured in BTU’s, as compared to ordinary house paint.
  • Is less expensive over time than traditional paint.
  • It will not crack, peel, chip or chalk.

This amount can vary due to the natural resins used in manufacturing this unique product. Liquid Ceramic Exterior Wall Coating is also available in medium, deep and accent bases and each of those bases have a lesser amount of volume solids.