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How long does it take to apply?

An overall job using Liquid Ceramic® would take about the same amount of time as would be taken to apply paint. It is a two-coat process (two coats of Liquid Ceramic®, both tinted to the same color). Drying time on the first coat is approximately four hours, subject to temperate and humidity conditions. Additional time should […]

What guidelines are available for proper application?

Master Painters Institute (MPI) application methods are the guideline for substrate analysis, preparation and application. Industry standards suggest that professional assistance be obtained before committing to standard, common, unique and otherwise variant jobsite projects. All surfaces must be clean, dry and sound. The utmost care must be demonstrated when analyzing and preparing substrates for application.

Will Liquid Ceramic® Exterior Wall Coating cover any surface?

Just about. We don’t recommend its use on glass. However, it goes over all wood and aggregate substrates, Masonite®, brick, stone, cement, cement block, cementitious fiber, such as Hardiplank®, even some types of vinyl siding as well as aluminum siding. If there’s ever any doubt, do what you would normally do with any house paint […]

What’s the best way to apply ANY exterior wall coating?

Any professional will tell you that the product must be WORKED into the substrate, therefore, brushing and rolling are the best methods. On the other hand, spraying an exterior house paint or coating is the quickest and gives the best finished look (i.e. no brush or roller marks). Spraying requires the ability to apply the […]

So if I can do it myself, should I?

Liquid Ceramic® Exterior Wall Coat can be applied by homeowners, either by brush, roller or sprayer. If spraying, we recommend a 3,000-3,300 psi spray unit with a tungsten tip. Most homeowners don’t own heavy-duty paint sprayers, so we recommend hiring a professional if spraying is desired.

I called the spray-on-paint company after seeing their ad on TV and was told I couldn’t purchase their product because they told me I would not be able to apply it myself. I told them I was planning on hiring a professional painter. Why is it that I can apply Liquid Ceramic® or hire someone to do it for me?

Because we want you to have the best product on your house REGARDLESS of who applies it. Our business is selling the product, not applying it. The real reason they don’t do this is because they don’t have the opportunity to charge you $20,000.00 to paint your house with their “special” product, which really isn’t […]