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How does Liquid Ceramic® compare to store-bought paints?

We’ve often said that learning about exterior wall paint is about as exciting as watching it dry, but Liquid Ceramic stresses the importance of knowing the difference between our product and the store brands. So like the TV ad with the gecko “15 minutes can save you thousands…” It’s your house, invest the time.

Lesson: The percent of volume solids is a number we’ve never seen on store-bought paints. The solids are the part of the paint that remains on your house. You have to go to the paints manufacturer’s TDB or TDS (technical data bulletin or technical data sheet) online to see what that number is. Why is that important? No matter what manufacturer makes any product, all paints simply have two parts: the part that stays on your house (the solids) and the part that floats away in the air (the evaporants).

What you’re essentially paying for is the part that stays on your house and that is reflected in the percent of volume solids. Unfortunately, there’s more information on the side of a box of cereal than on the side of a can of paint. And quite frankly, when you go to a big box store or event a regular paint store, you might not get an answer on what percentage of volume solids is in the can. It’s almost as if they don’t want you to know!

So that’s why we say hire your paint before you hire your painter.Purchase Liquid Ceramic® and ask your painter to apply it.